Exopolitics Hungary – We connect Worlds

You are that Consciousness in which the whole Universe appears

Information from outside and inside our galaxy

“The world can only change from within.” – Eckhart Tolle

Ultimate Disclosure:
That which leads to the farthest, and that which leads to the closest, are one.
Exopolitics and spirituality that discovers the Self, are: One.


Main topics:
Open Exopolitics, Meditative Contact (based on the CE-5 Protocolls), New Sciences and New Economic-Social System (Antigravity, Quantum-vacuum Zero-Point Free Energy, Interplanetary and Interstellar Time-Space Teleportation; Consciousness Democracy, Complementary Currencies); Exosociology, Pure Consciousness.


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Our self-made interviews (English speaking):

Paul Hellyer (former defense minister of Canada):

Alfred Webre (father of exopolitics):

Mary Rodwell (one of the most important people in current exopolitics):

Kosta Makreas (founder of global peaceful meditative CE-5 Human-to-ET contact meditations):

Our Gangaji video translation:

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Our translation of enlightened spiritual teacher Gangaji’s video:

Gangaji – Ultimate Truth – Végső Igazság from ExopoliticsHungary on Vimeo.