The United Kingdom uses the Euro as a Complementary Currency

The United Kingdom uses the Euro as a Complementary Currency

… but that is forbidden for all others

The International Monetary Fund document:

The modern banking crises started in 2007. Researchers of the IMF in their 2008 paper identified 124 systemic banking crises, 208 currency crises, 63 episodes of sovereign debt defaults between 1970 and 2007, and in the previous 300 years, there were 48 major crises. These systemic casues urge us for systemic solutions.

IMF banking crises

Complementary currencies that make the world work better:

The Swiss complementary currency that Mr. Lietaer mentions is the WIR: .

Other Swiss systems are the Kiss Zeit and the Zeitbörse which are elderly care social currencies, the only two in the whole of Europe, copying and taking further the Japanese pioneer Fureai Kippu (which is a system of such currencies).

An even more developed system than the WIR, according to the professor, is the C3, implemented with the help of Bernard Lietaer in Uruguay ) and Brazil ( ) with the help of the STRO Foundation ( ), which is the developer of the open source complementary currency software Cyclos ( ), which now also offers a cloud based service.

Bernard Lietaer’s articles:

Bernard Lietaer’s books for Amazon Kindle.

The Terra trade reference currency, his own proposal for the world’s B2B complementary currency:

Bank of England blows the whistle on the banking system:

bank of england blows the whistle on the banking system

Bank of England blows the whistle on the banking system


One of his best interviews What about money?:

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